карты вулканов мира

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' The area surrounding the lake is as inspiring as the water itself — hills of pastured and forested land roll into the distance, while the summit of the Arenal Volcano dominates the eastern horizon.

In 1979, Lake Arenal was enlarged to three times its original size with the construction of a hydroelectric dam.

The towns of Arenal and Tondadora, which were originally sited on the spot where the lake now rests, were relocated to the northeastern side of the lake.

Nowadays, Lake Arenal’s dam is hugely important to the country, as it produces nearly 12% of Costa Rica’s electric energy.

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For visitors, the lake offers many year-round activities, and is the first of many adventures awaiting you in Arenal, Costa Rica.

These include windsurfing, fishing, boat tours, and kayaking.

Lake Arenal enjoys a world-class reputation among windsurfers and sailboarders, as it receives a steady supply of strong and dependable wind.

Many people, in fact, consider it to be one of the world’s foremost windsurfing destinations.

Fishing is equally popular within the lake’s waters, the best of which is done for rainbow bass.

These large, fighting fish — known locally as “guapote” — are members of the cichlid family.